Designed to detect diabetic peripheral neuropathy at an early stage, the quantitative point-of-care test NC-stat DPNCheckmn allows physicians to select appropriate treatment.

Omron Healthcare director and senior managing officer Isao Ogino said the company is pleased to be able to provide its customers with a proven technology in the NC-stat DPNCheck.

"There is a strong synergy between the VP-1000 plus and NC-stat DPNCheck from both a clinical and operational viewpoint," Ogino added.

"Our partnership with NeuroMetrix allows us to once again provide access to innovative and proven medical care that is meaningful to patients."

NeuroMetrix president and chief executive officer Shai Gozani said, "The presence of locally available pharmaceutical treatments for DPN which compliment the diagnostic capability of NC-stat DPNCheck make Japan a unique market opportunity for us and Omron."