The EmbracePro blood glucose meter has been approved for multi-patient use. The device has a test strip release button for more hygienic strip disposal.

Omnis Health’s EmbracePro requires a small sample size and provides accurate results within five seconds. The blood glucose meter allows testing with less pain for the patient, using fingers, the palm, or forearm as alternate site testing locations.

According to Omnis Health, new EmbracePro gold electrode test strips provide a shorter conductive path which increases accuracy and reliability.

The EmbracePro can store storing up to 500 blood test results with date and time stamp, allowing for easy management of results for clinicians. Event recording mode of the device provides more effective data management

Omnis Health president Rob Burton noted the company is proud to be entering the long-term care market.

"Our company is committed to delivering healthcare innovations to both patients and clinicians," Burton added.

"EmbracePro is designed with professionals in mind. We know that clinicians need fast and accurate meters and EmbracePro provides that reliable technology."