The QuadPort is a disposable multi-instrument access port that can simultaneously accommodate up to four instruments, including a laparoscope, through a single incision. The QuadPort, which features four ports, one 15mm, two 10mm, and one 5mm, allows the surgeon to insert up to four instruments into a single incision. As a result, the QuadPort also allows more room for increased maneuverability and it allows larger specimens to be extracted.

The HiQ LS curved 5-mm diameter hand instruments, which feature a shaft with curved distal and proximal ends to prevent interference with other LESS surgical devices inside the body.

The EndoEYE LS Laparo-Thoraco Videoscope, which incorporates a deflectable control section to help prevent interference with other devices externally.

LESS surgery is an advanced, minimally invasive surgical technique in which an endoscope and hand instruments are inserted through an access port via a single incision often made in the navel.