The new devices include Terumo Glidewire Urologic Guidewire and ShockPulse- SE, which is the CyberWand and dual action lithotripsy system with integrated suction and hand activation fragments that remove stones effectively.

Olympus will also introduce UltraTrack Hybrid Guidewire that integrates the flexibility of a hydrophilic wire at the tip and a stiff body to maintain position and assist in device passage and the 200 Series Laser Fiber that balances a small diameter with the optimal laser energy transmission.

In addition, the company will launch UroPass Access Sheath full portfolio, which allows multiple passage of endoscopes and retrieval devices.

Olympus Corporation of the Americas Medical Systems Group sales, marketing and shared services executive vice-president Richard Reynolds said: "New advancements in imaging, stone management and the use of proprietary tumor detection technology, combined with our commitment to valuable partnerships and innovations in pricing structures, are helping physicians meet the triple aim of healthcare reform by improving quality, reducing costs and enhancing patient satisfaction."

The company noted that it will extend the Olympus advantage program to the urology market, which is designed to reduce the overall cost of its capital products such as rigid and flexible scopes, cameras and processors.

Image: Olympus is now the exclusive distributor of the Terumo Glidewire for urology. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire/ Olympus.