The fully rotatable, slim design of the BF-P190 bronchoscope, along with its improved tip angulation, advances maneuverability to provide better access in peripheral airways. The bronchoscope also delivers the industry’s largest working channel (2.0mm) available in a slim 4.2mm true videoscope, making it ideal for accommodating a variety of endoscopic devices.

In addition to the BF-P190 bronchoscope, Olympus offers a comprehensive peripheral bronchoscopy solution, including the radial endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) probes (unique to Olympus), ultrasound processors, Guide Sheath Kit, TBNA needles, biopsy forceps and cytology brushes for extended reach beyond the tip of the scope.

The BF-XP190 provides a new evolution of better imaging in an ultra-slim bronchoscope. A revolutionary mini CCD provides unsurpassed image quality compared to other ultra-slim bronchoscopes, and close-up observation of bronchial surfaces can be easily accessed with 1.2x and 1.5x electronic magnification.

With an outside diameter of 3.1mm — nearly 1mm smaller than its nearest competitor — and a 1.2mm working channel, the BF-XP190 is the industry’s slimmest true videoscope, making it the scope of choice for small anatomy bronchoscopy.

The BF-P190 and BF-XP190 bronchoscopes are designed to advance maneuverability, visualization and versatility. Key features include rotary function, 210 degrees tip angulation, SDTV imaging and EVIS EXERA III universal platform.

Olympus Corporation of the Americas Medical Systems Group president Luke Calcraft noted that the BF-P190 and BF-XP190 bronchoscopes offer improved diagnostic capabilities and procedural efficiency using a minimally invasive approach.

"These new technologies will help our customers meet the triple aim of Affordable Care by improving quality of care, decreasing costs and enhancing patient satisfaction," Calcraft added.

The BF-P190 and BF-XP190 bronchoscopes will be showcased at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) 2014 International Conference to be held from 16 May to 21 May 2014 in San Diego, California.