OHK Medical Devices will introduce a new surgical procedure pack HemaClear Inside, as part of its plans to increase operating room efficiency, enhance surgical performance and protect patients from infection associated with unhygienic devices.

OHK Medical Devices said HemaClear, a sterile, single use surgical tourniquet that creates a bloodless field in seconds, is the new standard of care for bloodless orthopedic surgery, replacing traditional devices that are labor intensive, expensive and risk infection and blood loss complications.

HemaClear exsanguinates, occludes and provides a larger, clearer sterile field, in a single simple, easy-to-use, disposable product.

OHK Medical Devices CEO Oren Gavriely said they strongly believe that HemaClear Inside Surgical Procedure Packs can greatly benefit nurses and doctors by enhancing operating room efficacy and contributing to successful surgical outcomes.