The company has announced the availability of Microcyn wound and skin spray hydrogel in a spray formulation. This spray formulation, which is now available in a three-ounce bottle, allows the users to easily and conveniently spray directly onto the wound site.

Oculus has announced the availability of Microcyn wound and skin care with preservatives. This is available in a multi-use two-ounce spray bottle. The company has reduced the bottle size to allow it to be used both in the clinic, as well as economically dispensed or prescribed for patients’ in-home use.

Microcyn is used to cleanse, irrigate and aid in the debridement of a vast array of chronic and acute wounds. It can be used prior to a variety of wound healing products and methods including products with silver, enzymatic debriders, growth factors, tissue-engineered products and dermal substitutes.

Arizona surgeon and Scottsdale Wound Management Guide author Dr Tom Wolvos noted he has integrated the original Microcyn advanced wound care products quite successfully into his practice for years.

"This latest advance, with a unique hydrogel formulation that can actually be sprayed on the wound, is truly innovative and welcomed. It allows the hydrogel to be easily and comprehensively applied to a wound site. And the economy-sized Microcyn solution is ideal for patients to use at home with far less impact on their healthcare budget," Dr Wolvos added.

Microcyn wound and skin spray hydrogel is an innovative advance in hypochlorous acid hydrogel technology. This technology is a powerful solution which provides an optimal wound healing environment. It does not contain antibiotics.

Microcyn helps reduce wound odor through the removal of necrotic tissue. It also assists in the physical removal of biofilm, a major deterrent in wound healing.

The company’s other offerings in the Microcyn family of products include an irrigation solution and a negative-pressure wound therapy solution available in pharmasling bottles.