Craig joined the company in 1996 and was promoted from his former position as vice president of Sales and Marketing.

Norman Delgado, the founder and first president of OASIS, will remain in the position of board chairman and work with Craig on selected new business opportunities.

Norman Delgado said over the past 14 years, Craig has progressed through the sales and marketing organization and developed the leadership skills that will assure the continued growth of OASIS.

"We are enthusiastic in supporting Craig as he continues the success OASIS has experienced in the recent past," Norman said.

Craig Delgado said he will look forward to advance the founding vision of OASIS by providing high-quality products to eye care providers and offering solutions to chronic conditions to make a meaningful difference in patients’ quality of life.

"OASIS will continue to partner with eye care professionals to supply innovative, differentiated products for the physician and consumer," Craig said.