Pursuant to the terms of the strategic agreement with Vasc-Alert LLC, the service can be purchased exclusively from NxStage in the US.

Vasc-Alert, a patented medical device, uses computer technology to analyse standard treatment data taken during each patient’s scheduled hemodialysis treatments to screen for vascular access dysfunction.

Vasc-Alert identifies patients who are at risk of developing a stenosis and can precipitate medical interventions such as thrombectomy and access revision.

Vasc-Alert offers ease-of-use benefits to clinics and staff and the readily accessible reports enable centers to comply with recent Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) access surveillance requirements.

Vasc-Alert LLC president John Kennedy said that collaborating with NxStage enables us to offer the solution to a larger base of customers across the US.

NxStage Medical Commercial Operations senior vice president Joseph Turk said that the Vasc-Alert service complements their Medisystems product line in a timely fashion, as providers are tasked with implementing recent CMS requirements for access surveillance.