Satellite Healthcare is a national not-for-profit and the sixth largest provider of patient-centered dialysis and kidney disease services in the U.S. Under this agreement, Satellite will roll-out the Nx2me Connected Health platform to their HHD patients to enhance patient outcomes and clinician care. 

A key component of the Nx2me platform is the Nx2me iPad app, which is designed to increase patients' ease of use of home therapy by monitoring and capturing treatment data and wirelessly sending it to their center after each treatment. 

Dialysis center staff can access the treatment data using the Nx2me Clinician Portal to review and follow treatment adherence and progress. Importantly, Nx2me patient treatment data can be easily integrated into EMR systems, thereby reducing the need for paper flow sheets.

By enhancing the ease of information collection and availability to the patient and care team, Nx2me has been shown to help improve patient retention on HHD. Recent data showed a 44% lower therapy discontinuation rate in new patients  using the Nx2me iPad app1.

"This partnership strengthens our Re-Imagine Home goal to change the landscape of home dialysis with the design of an industry-leading home dialysis model," said Satellite Healthcare CEO Rick Barnett.

 "We identified a number of ways to empower patients, including how technology like Nx2me can be a leading factor in removing barriers to choosing and staying with home dialysis."

"We're delighted that our depth of experience and investment in breakthrough technologies like Nx2me allow us to give Satellite Healthcare additional tools to optimize the way they provide personal care to their patients.

“We've had a long, successful relationship with Satellite, and are excited to extend the partnership  to help Satellite continue to lead by example in the care of home dialysis patients," said Joseph E. Turk, president of NxStage.

The NxStage System One is the first and only truly portable hemodialysis system cleared specifically by the FDA for home hemodialysis and home nocturnal hemodialysis.

Its simplicity and revolutionary size (just over a foot tall) are intended to allow convenient use in patients' homes and give patients the freedom to travel with their therapy.

When combined with the NxStage PureFlow SL Dialysis Preparation System, patients are able to further simplify, using ordinary tap water to create dialysis fluid on demand. Unlike conventional hemodialysis systems, the System One requires no special infrastructure to operate.

Under the guidance of their physician, patients can use the NxStage System One, with their trained partners, where, how and when it best meets their needs, including while they are sleeping – at home or on vacation and at a medically appropriate treatment frequency.