Through this partnership and under the guidance and prescription of their physicians and the support and coordination of their treating dialysis clinics, in-center hemodialysis patients may have the opportunity to travel to Milan and access therapy using the NxStage System One at the Milan hospital.

The hospital’s experienced staff will administer treatments to these dialysis patients consistent with their prescription using the System One.

In addition, while the portability of the System One enables NxStage patients to perform their treatments while traveling, this partnership may provide them the additional options of performing their treatments at their travel destination in Milan with a System One provided by the hospital, or at the hospital under the guidance of their trained staff.

Patients can have the amazing opportunity to more easily discover the famous architecture of Milan or visit the Universal EXPO, being held until October 31, 2015. NxStage, Spindial, and Niguarda-Ca’ Granda look forward to welcoming patients in Italy.

The NxStage System One is a prescription device. All forms of hemodialysis, including treatments performed in-center, in-hospital and at home, involve some risks.

In addition, there are certain risks unique to treatment in the home environment. Patients should talk to their doctor and dialysis clinic to understand if they are healthy enough to travel internationally and whether this program is medically appropriate for them.

The NxStage System One is the first and only truly portable hemodialysis system cleared specifically by the FDA for home hemodialysis and home nocturnal hemodialysis. Its simplicity and revolutionary size (just over a foot tall) are intended to allow convenient use in patients’ homes and give patients the freedom to travel with their therapy.

When combined with the NxStage PureFlow SL Dialysis Preparation System, patients are able to further simplify, using ordinary tap water to create dialysis fluid on demand. Unlike conventional hemodialysis systems, the System One requires no special infrastructure to operate.

Under the guidance of their physician, patients can use the NxStage System One, with their trained partners, where, how and when it best meets their needs, including while they are sleeping – at home or on vacation and at a medically appropriate treatment frequency.