The Precept system offers the most advanced technologies in guide design, rod insertion, set screw delivery, and multiple reduction capabilities.

NuVasive has received the regulatory Shonin approval in July 2013 for Precept products in Japan.

NuVasive chairman and CEO Alex Lukianov noted the company has its sights set on changing spine surgery and improving patient outcomes in Japan, an exciting new market for it.

"With the approval and launch of Precept, we can introduce Japanese surgeons to additional innovation within our comprehensive portfolio of procedurally integrated spine solutions," Lukianov added.

NuVasive international executive vice president Russell Powers noted the company is absolutely thrilled to offer Precept in Japan, which will advance its strategy of driving the shift toward minimally disruptive approaches globally.

"Precept is a highly differentiated solution with advanced guide technology, superior rod insertion options, and multiple reduction capabilities. The initial reception in Japan has been fantastic, and I applaud all of the NuVasive teams who worked diligently to achieve this milestone," Powers added.

The company officially opened the new office in Tokyo, Japan in April 2013 and the office is headed by NuVasive Asia Pacific executive vice president Takaaki Tanaka.