NuraLogix has unveiled Anura Web, the browser-based version of its AI-powered contactless health and wellness personal measurement solution.

The web-based solution provides all the features of the mobile version, including more than 30 health measurements using a 30-second video selfie, without needing any downloads.

It allows the users to instantly measure heart rate, breathing rates, blood pressure, stress levels, HRV, CVD and metabolic risks, from their laptops, tablets, or other devices.

NuraLogix chief executive officer Marzio Pozzuoli said: “Ease of access to personal health monitoring and improving people’s lives everywhere is our aim with Anura Web.

“It’s a truly revolutionary concept: Just by sitting in front of your computer’s camera, you can track your general health and wellness with medical-grade accuracy.”

According to the company, Anura Web provides the same features that are offered by its app-based counterpart, and doesn’t require any additional software to install.

The cross-platform compatible product works equally well with iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux browsers, and provides easy integration for product developers.

NuraLogix has leveraged its patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) technology for Anura, to enable the measurement of general wellness and health risk factors.

Using a conventional video camera, TOI captures the changes in blood flow based on light and the translucency of human skin, within 30 seconds.

The machine learning algorithms then detect the desired psychological, physical, and physiological indexes, by extracting the facial blood flow information.

NuraLogix noted that Anura is intended only to improve patients’ awareness of general wellness, and is not a substitute for the clinical judgment of a health care professional.