NuEyes, a pioneer in the field of augmented reality smart glass technology is happy to announce that it has partnered with Dolphin Medical Imaging (DMI) to provide an imaging solution using the PRO 3e paired with DMI’s portable wireless ultrasound probe to deliver vivid ultrasound imaging in the medical field.

The Pro 3e AR smartglasses are a lightweight pair of glasses with a binocular display that literally “plug ‘n’ play” with Samsung’s 5G mobile phones and tablets. With a 46-degree field of view, HD displays, and weighing around 68g, these glasses are the perfect portable solution for ultrasound imaging in the hospital or out in the field. Powered by Samsung’s 5G mobile phones and tablets, medical professionals can now access large crystal-clear live ultrasound imaging from anywhere.

DMI’s portable wireless ultrasound probe paired with the NuEyes PRO 3e provides line-of-sight imaging that eliminates head movements by a medical practitioner that can lead to unintended movement of probe and loss of proper positioning.

“At NuEyes, we continue to look for innovative solutions to enhance the experience of medical professionals,” said Mark Greget, Founder and CEO of NuEyes Technologies, Inc. “Not only does this solution provide great patient care, it can also remove the need for large ultrasound carts, making ultrasounds more accessible to patients.”

“Dolphin Medical Imaging is pleased to be working with NuEyes,” said Dr. Mel Harris, DMI’s Founder and CMO. “By providing line-of-sight ultrasound imaging, DMI’s wireless ultrasound with NuEye’s Pro 3e smart glasses is a potential game-changer in the growing field of point-of-care ultrasound.”

Source: Company Press Release