North Sunflower Medical Center (NSMC) in Mississippi, a rural medical center, is planning to deploy a suite of McKesson information technology (IT) solutions to demonstrate meaningful use of electronic health record (EHR) technology and simplify clinical and business operations improving preventative care and patient safety.

The new systems will replace paper-based records and disparate technologies and address duplicate data entry challenges with communications capabilities designed to automate outdated manual processes and better coordinate care.

The deployment includes McKesson’s Paragon health information system (HIS) , Practice Partner EHR solution and RelayHealth claims and eligibility processing solutions, as well as workforce management to enable efficient staff scheduling.

The technology is also intended to streamline workflows for North Sunflower’s medical teams and provide integration across the medical center.

North Sunflower Medical Center Network Development director Joanie Perkins said that this strategic initiative with McKesson enables them to embark on a whole new level of big-hospital healthcare in one of the economically challenged communities in the country.

"Our new systems are designed to provide a safety net under every nurse, physician, pharmacist and patient, with unprecedented information access and sharing capabilities that will support high-quality, safe healthcare," Perkins said.