nRichDX has launched two new products designed to help researchers advance liquid biopsy assay development. Both products are designed for use with nRichDX’s Revolution Sample Prep System.

nRichDX’s Revolution Sample Prep System is currently used by researchers for the high-yield extraction of rare cfDNA from 1ml – 20ml of either plasma or urine samples. cfDNA is currently the principal analyte used for a variety of liquid biopsy assays and detection methods. Liquid Biopsy involves the extraction of oncologic analytes from bodily fluids and offers the promise of easier, more frequent diagnostic analysis for earlier and more sensitive detection and treatment of cancers.

cfRNA is increasingly being used to develop liquid biopsy applications. Researchers will now be able to use their Revolution Sample Prep Systems to achieve higher yields of total nucleic acid and cfRNA from plasma and urine.

nRichDX’s second new product, the cfDNA Reference Standard, is based on mono-nucleosomal DNA and is an established standard used by researchers and liquid biopsy assay developers. The new product contains tubes of thaw-and-use cfDNA extraction controls to measure the yield and efficiency of cfDNA extraction.

“nRichDX’s mission is to support the development of better tools and applications to empower reliable liquid biopsy-based testing,” said Bill Curtis, CEO of nRichDX. “We’re excited to bring these powerful new products to researchers and clinicians that use cfRNA and other rare analytes for their liquid biopsy applications.”

The new products will be officially introduced in nRichDX’s exhibit (#1627) at this year’s Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) Meeting in Phoenix, AZ 1-5 November 2022.

Source: Company Press Release