Novo Nordisk is initially launching the NovoFine plus in Canada. The company will launch the product in several other countries during 2014 and 2015.

NovoFine plus is as thin as two human hairs and is 4mm long. The shortest needle reduces the risk of intramuscular injections, while its thinness reduces the pain while inserting the needle.

The device can be inserted into the skin at a 90º angle without the need to create a skin fold before injecting and the flat hub of the needle is designed to make injections more comfortable.

NovoFine plus features a triple bevel design and uses SuperFlow technology. The triple bevel design may reduce the penetration force required to puncture the skin.

SuperFlow technology increases the width of the internal bore without increasing the outer diameter of the needle. This results in the increase of flow rate, while reduction in the resistance and force needed to deliver the treatment dose through the needle.

Novo Nordisk Device R&D senior vice president Jesper Klove noted the company knows needle anxiety can be a real barrier when people with diabetes start insulin therapy, and in some people this fear really compromises their treatment.

"Novo Nordisk is committed to improving diabetes care and as part of our broad portfolio within treatment, devices and needles, we’re pleased to provide this new option to people with diabetes," Klove added.

Image: Novo Nordisk launches NovoFine plus pen needle. Photo: Courtesy of Novo Nordisk A/S