NovoPen Echo allows patients to inject insulin doses as low as 0.5 units, which is beneficial in children with low insulin requirements.

In addition, a simple memory function has been added which records the dose and time since last injection.

NovoPen Echo is available with removable skins, particularly for kids to personalize their pens.

This latest insulin delivery system will be available to patients for use with NovoLog (insulin aspart [rDNA origin] injection) PenFill cartridges.

Novo Nordisk diabetes marketing senior vice president Camille Lee noted the US approval of NovoPen Echo represents a significant milestone in insulin delivery, especially for children with diabetes and their caregivers.

"The pen can offer caregivers increased confidence that their children are managing their diabetes appropriately away from home by allowing them to see the amount and time passed since their last dose," Lee added.

NovoPen Echo is currently available in Europe, Canada, and Israel and the company expects US launch in early 2014.