The Licensing Agreement provides NHL with perpetual licensing rights to the Bundled Pulsewave PAD-1A USB Blood Pressure Device, related software and up-to-date product releases.

Additionally, the License Agreement provides NHL with conditional exclusive rights, over the initial 5-year period, to sub-license and re-sell Bundled Pulsewave Devices and related software.

Mr. Robert Mattacchione, Novo Integrated Sciences’ CEO and Board Chairman, stated, “The Cloud DX platform allows NHL to further expand on its patient care philosophy of maintaining an on-going continuous connection with its patient community beyond the traditional confines of a clinic, extending oversight of patient care and monitoring directly into the patient’s home.

“The Cloud DX technology empowers a patient with real-time vital sign information while maintaining a direct technology link from patient to clinician or medical practitioner. The transfer of vital information from home to clinic or patient to clinician will further allow NHL to be the leader in the delivery of high quality, non-redundant diagnostic based proactive healthcare. As a truly mobile telemedicine and diagnostic tool, Cloud DX allows NHL to enter the next phase of healthcare and personal health monitoring.”

Mr. Robert Kaul, Cloud DX’s CEO, stated: “We are pleased to have executed this Exclusive License Agreement with NHL. Cloud DX has captured significant market share in the areas of Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management in both Canada and the United States.

“This new partnership with NHL broadens our joint reach into the fast-growing physical therapy, wellness and para-medical industries. We feel that we could not have a more motivated and capable partner than NHL.”

Source: Company Press Release