The skin nicks made for the procedure close with a bandage instead of sutures. After the treatment, the body’s natural process repairs the site by replacing ablated tissue with normal tissue.

“Rose Medical Center is recognized throughout the country for its breast health services,” said Henry R. Applebaum, Novian Health’s President and CEO. “Their embrace of Novilase shows that leaders in breast health recognize the benefits this technology brings to their patients.”

Novilase is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from a laser to destroy benign breast tumors, or fibroadenomas. Fibroadenomas are prevalent in younger women. An alternative to surgery, Novilase is safe, effective, and less risky than lumpectomy while providing a superior cosmetic outcome.

Novilase is FDA-cleared for this indication and is not an experimental procedure.

“We’re using Novilase for non-surgical removal of non-malignant tumors, but we see this as a stepping stone to using this same treatment for malignant tumors, as well,” said Barbara Schwartzberg, M.D., chairwoman of the Rose Medical Center Cancer Committee. “I believe we’re witnessing a major step toward even better treatment options for breast cancer patients.”

Rose Medical Center is also participating in the American Breast Laser Ablation Tracking Evaluation (ABLATE) data collection program, to gather further clinical information about Novilase. Novilase is FDA-cleared and is not an experimental procedure.