Noveko International has reported that its subsidiary, Noveko Trading (Noveko), has concluded a distribution agreement with Israel-based Zer Hitech, a subsidiary of the Zer Group, for its antimicrobial masks, air filtration products and hand sanitizers.

The agreement covers the distribution of Noveko antimicrobial masks and respirators, Microban hand sanitizers, air filters incorporating the Noveko antimicrobial filtration technology to hospitals and commercial buildings, as well as Epurair MA-1 HEPA air purifiers within Israel.

Following a thorough process, Zer Hitech was awarded by Sarel a contract to supply Noveko antimicrobial masks to health establishments throughout Israel. Further to this award, deliveries of masks to the Israeli market have already started.

Moreover, filters incorporating the Noveko antimicrobial filtration technology will soon be installed, through Zer Hitech in a Tel Aviv hospital where trials will then be conducted.

Alain Bolduc, president and chief operating officer of Noveko, said: “We are happy to be formalising and strengthening our relationship with Zer Hitech, an ideal partner to promote and market our suite of antimicrobial technologies. Furthermore, Zer Hitech’s global network of distributors should facilitate our access to other countries.”

Uri Zer, partner and senior vice president of Zer Hitech, said: “We are convinced that Noveko’s advanced patented technologies are a unique, major breakthrough helping to provide a healthier and safer environment. We believe that in a few years, the Noveko technology will be generally accepted as an unmatched air filtration solution in the market.

“Beyond their distinctive antimicrobial advantages, filters incorporating the Noveko technology offer an environmentally responsible solution with superior filtration effectiveness enabling energy savings. As well, we are actively striving to make the mobile Epurair MA-1 HEPA the golden standard for air purifiers in Israel.”