Under the five-year contract, Novation members including 65,000 members of VHA, UHC, two national health care alliances, and Provista will have purchasing and leasing access options to an array of Sysmex’s hematology solutions, products and services.

Sysmex’s hematology solutions include Sysmex XE-Series, XT-Series and XS Series (XS-1000i), KX-21N and pocH-100i automated hematology analyzers, Sysmex HST and Alpha Series (XE-AlphaN, HST-N) hematology automation solutions, CellaVision DM-Series analyzers, and Medica EasyCell assistant Cell Image Analysis System and reagents, controls and calibrators.

In addition to hematology solutions, Novation members will have access to Sysmex’s Peak Performance program which provides comprehensive services that support a clinical laboratory’s long-term success before, during and after instrument or system implementation.

Sysmex America president and CEO John Kershaw said, "Sysmex America is pleased to partner with Novation in its efforts to offer member-laboratories reliable automated hematology solutions that enhance their clinical laboratory operations while enabling them to navigate through a challenging and cost-restrictive health care environment."