HydRIS allows pharmaceuticals to be dried and stabilised onto a fibrous membrane, and makes them stable against different temperature range.

According to the company, the device delivers instantly injectable and highly stable vaccines, as well as other medicines from below 0°C to 50°C.

Nova Bio-Pharma Technologies stabilisation project manager Sam de Costa said the technology has been developed to stabilize highly temperature sensitive medicines such as live viral and bacterial vector vaccines.

"The market is seeking new forms of drugs delivery to improve all stages of its lifecycle – from manufacture to administration and storage," Costa added.

The device can be used in therapeutics, field medicine, emergency medicine, bio-defence and diagnostics, veterinary applications as well as pandemic preparations.

The membrane is protected with a small custom-designed housing, which can attach a standard needle and syringe.

The liquid in the syringe is flushed through the device at the point of use, and the re-hydrated active ingredient is delivered through the needle, in a single action.