These facilities range from large hospitals to small ambulatory surgical centers with a combined total of 114 points of service.

"Technology is a key enabler of NorthStar's quality efforts and we are excited about the capabilities Plexus provides to better serve our customers and their patients," Craig York, Director of Clinical Informatics at NorthStar Anesthesia.

NorthStar Anesthesia selected Plexus TG as its enterprise anesthesia EMR solution to replace its hybrid system because of the solution's workflow flexibility and enterprise interoperability across facility-specific HIS platforms.

By integrating Plexus TG's AIMS software, Anesthesia Touch, with the various EHR systems at multiple healthcare facilities, NorthStar Anesthesia improves operational efficiencies and ensures accurate and complete clinical documentation, while ensuring reliable collection of quality measures and billing data.

The monitor connectivity and EHR interfacing provides the anesthesia clinicians with access to scheduling data, patient demographics, and physiologic data, giving providers the information they need when they need it. 

"NorthStar Anesthesia utilizes the various opportunities offered by Anesthesia Touch to showcase our value as an anesthesia service provider to our customers. We are able to provide quantifiable data to display our quality of anesthesia care," explains Jennifer Squibbs, Regional Director of CRNA Services at NorthStar Anesthesia.

"Plexus has really made anesthesia documentation quick and easy. Anesthesia Touch is so easy to learn that new staff members are able to pick it up very quickly," says Steven Leach, Regional Director of CRNA Services at NorthStar Anesthesia.

"NorthStar Anesthesia has been a fantastic partner to work with on these implementations. Together, we smoothly transitioned their clinicians from paper or an existing AIMS to Anesthesia Touch, which offers the clinicians greater mobility by utilizing state-of-the-art iOS iPad technology," explained Rob Henry, Vice President of Client Services at Plexus Technology Group.

 "By automating the clinical documentation, NorthStar Anesthesia now has access to extensive analytics that provides customized data capture capabilities and supports national quality initiatives.

"We recognize and support NorthStar Anesthesia's commitment to excellence by incorporating innovative technology into their perioperative workflow. In addition, Plexus TG's proven experience integrating with numerous EMR systems was identified as a major strength by NorthStar Anesthesia, since the healthcare facilities comprise of many different EMR vendors," commented Tony Mira, CEO of Plexus Technology Group.

"We appreciate and value our partnership with NorthStar Anesthesia as we continue working together."

NorthStar Anesthesia is a company of caregivers, founded by an anesthesiologist and a CRNA. NorthStar partners with hospitals and ASCs to deliver a more productive and efficient model of anesthesia care.  Its care team approach focuses on the provision of high quality while measurably improving operating room performance.