Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc. (NIMS) has received Japanese patent from Nogawa Patent Office in Japan for its Exer-Rest acceleration therapeutic platform. The patent number 4391595 entitled “Reciprocating Movement Platform for Shifting Subject To and Fro In Headwards-Footwards Direction,” relates to the comprehensively researched technology underlying NIMS’ Exer-Rest acceleration therapeutic platform. The patent expiry date is on March 18, 2018.

Dr. Marvin A. Sackner, NIMS’ Founder and CEO noted that: “this Japanese Patent is a counterpart to US Patent 6,155,976, first issued for this technology in the year 2000. We are excited about completing this first step towards entering Japan and we are currently evaluating a number of options to commence our Japanese marketing, sales and distribution activities.”

Steven Mrha, COO added that: “NIMS’ high quality, commercial strength and multipurpose Exer-Rest is suitable for both rehabilitation facility and home use. For individuals that find it difficult to exercise or have become sedentary, having a means to stay active is extremely important in reducing secondary risks associated with lack of mobility. The Exer-Rest is a wonderful solution and can be used by individuals of all capabilities.”

Exer-Rest is currently being marketed and sold in the US, Canada and other major international markets. It has been cleared by the FDA as an aid to temporarily increase local circulation, to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains, to reduce morning stiffness and to provide local muscle relaxation. The Exer-Rest is also approved in Europe as an aid for increasing joint mobility. NIMS is currently seeking similar regulatory clearance to market the Exer-Rest in Japan.