NLT Spine received the first patent from the USPTO for the deployable implant design with its beveled tip for smooth deployment. European Patent Office has also granted this patent for the company.

The company received the second patent for the close fit created by the rectangular, close-fit shape of the conduit utilized for delivering instruments (such as the eSPiN discectomy device) and interbody implants into the disc, enhancing delivery path orientation and optimizing the size of the implant.

Japanese Patent Office has also granted this patent for the company.

NLT SPINE has developed the ‘non-linear’ technology platform that is applicable to a wide variety of surgical spine procedures. The non-linear technology platform enables implantation of large spinal implants and instruments through small incisions for the treatment of degenerative conditions of the spine.

NLT Spine technology vice president Oded Loebl noted the conduit’s rectangular shape and close-fit design and the beveled tip design of the implant complement each other, contributing to the smooth performance and deployment of an implant, offering predictable implant positioning within the patient, for a safe and reproducible procedure.

"It also serves to demonstrate the way we build our platform tools, with a complete procedure in mind and a "solution" approach," added Loebl.

The two new US patents join the patent portfolio of nearly 120 issued and pending patents worldwide, covering a large variety of products and procedures for deployable and deflectable implants.