The new dialyzer is available in sizes from 0.9m2 to 2.5m2, and is a superior version of the Elisio dialyzer, which was launched early this year.

Nipro North America senior vice-president Joe Dawson said: "We have taken a dialyzer that delivers excellent clearance and reduced thrombogenicity, and improved it by eliminating any BPA or DEHP.

"Both chemicals are known endocrine disruptors. There are many published studies showing that endocrine disruptors cause adverse effects in animals. As a company that is focused on making products that improve the lives of patients, we are excited that we now have a dialyzer that can do that."

The dialyzer’s housing and membrane are made with material, which do not contain BPA or DEHP.

The system’s Polynephron membrane functions similar to that of a human kidney, delivering better solute-removal performance.

The Elisio dialyzer features advanced pore-spinning technology that creates more homogenous pore sizes to optimise sieving properties and improve middle molecule clearance.

Elisio obtained 510(k) approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Image: Nipro headquarters building in Osaka, Japan. Photo: courtesy of Kirakirameister.