Nicklaus Children’s is consistently recognized amongst the best children’s hospitals in the nation in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Children’s Hospitals” edition and no other hospital in Florida has more ranked specialties as listed in the 2018-19 report.

As a CHIME #1 “Most Wired” hospital in 2018, Nicklaus has the largest pediatric teaching program in the southeastern U.S. with a track record of leading healthcare IT. In order to better integrate clinical communications over mobile, Nicklaus Children’s sought to implement a secure, centralized platform to capture and share clinical photos inside their EHR.

WinguMD provided sharing and indexing of serial clinical photos across care teams as well as comparison with pathology, wound care and other imaging. Unifier by Dicom Systems served as the integration engine for workflow and interoperability.

Nicklaus Children’s Health System chief nursing information officer Elise Hermes said: “Nicklaus Children’s is excited about the communication tools and interdisciplinary collaboration provided by WinguMD.

“Prior to deploying the application, clinical photos were stored in multiple devices using numerous manual processes. Quality, continuity, security, and integration were our key drivers and intended outcomes. WinguMD is a single and seamless solution for clinical photos that answers the needs of our care teams.”

WinguMD co-founder and practicing vascular surgeon Dr Oliver Aalami said: “We are on the cusp of a mHealth revolution. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is an innovative institution that leverages technology to provide better patient care. We are pleased to be the chosen vendor to meet their mobile clinical photo and collaboration needs.”

Benefits of Nicklaus Children’s Enterprise Mobile Clinical Collaboration Platform

Easy to use social-media style platform reports on patient status to all members of the care team

Integrates encounter-based imaging, chat and mobile device clinical photos into EHR and viewer

Features medical-grade photo app with capture, comparison and annotation of medical photos series

DICOMweb integration provided Nicklaus Children’s with their choice of enterprise viewers

Unifier DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL) by Dicom Systems integrates visible light imaging, DICOM, HL7 and non-DICOM imaging data

Plans for hospital-sanctioned iPads preloaded with enterprise WinguMD and Dicom Systems solution for all new residents to support culture of compliance and more seamless workflow

Recent research shows growing interest in this emerging solutions category. Frost & Sullivan noted the adoption of visible light imaging modalities across several image-using and image-producing specialties was gaining traction across healthcare organizations.

Meanwhile, KLAS Research released a 2018 Enterprise Imaging report that listed adopting and standardizing encounter-based imaging and visible light images as having the greatest impact on workflow success.

Dicom Systems executive vice president Florent Saint-Clair said: “This tight integration at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is a tribute to the fundamental value of interoperability. We seamlessly deployed this solution leveraging Nicklaus Children’s existing IT ecosystem with zero downtime impact on existing infrastructure. The newly enabled workflows do not cause end-users to deviate from existing workflows, which means they are naturally adopting the solution.

“Providers and residents can now use iOS devices to collaborate in a controlled, secure, hospital-sanctioned environment. Dicom Systems in partnership with WinguMD co-founders, Dr. Aalami and Manabu Tokunaga, are proud to be in the trenches with providers, empowering clinical teams to collaborate on the best care for their pediatric patients.”

Source: Company Press Release