The Echo’s unique construction gives it the ability to enable endovascular procedures in very far-reaching vessel locations yet provide a stable platform for placing today’s most advanced interventional devices, noted President and CEO Martin S. Dieck.

The European CE Mark approval gives Nfocus the ability to enter the top end of the interventional guiding catheter market with our new Echo catheter. Endovascular surgeons and interventional neuroradiologists will appreciate the extreme suppleness of the distal end and the exceptional support of the proximal section — both produced by the key uni-body construction.

In Europe the Catheter has been cleared to provide support and vessel access in peripheral, coronary and neurovascular interventional and diagnostic procedures. In the advanced and complex endovascular procedures, a high-quality guiding catheter is needed to allow operative devices or implants to reach the target vessel. It is critical for the guiding catheter to be flexible and atraumatic within the distant and smaller target vessel and yet provide a firm and stable support in the larger vessels where the device enters the body.

Nfocus recognized a key market opportunity and has applied its unique design and development talents to produce the Echo, continued Mr. Dieck. Echo will help enable many advanced endovascular procedures.