During traditional or minimally invasive lumbar spinal fusion, the FACET FIXX screw system provides stabilization and fixation by two different fixation methods including FACET FIXX-TF and FACET FIXX-TL.

FACET FIXX-TF features multiple diameter fully threaded and partially threaded (lag) screws with a double lead helical thread and multi-axial compression washer to increase the load-bearing area of the screw.

With the FACET FIXX-TF system, surgeons can achieve rigid fixation and compression of facet joints for transfacet pedicular fixation.

FACET FIXX-TL features multiple diameter fully-threaded or partially threaded (lag) screw options with double lead helical, self-tapping screw thread inserted bilaterally through the superior side of the facet, across the facet joint and into the inferior pedicle for translaminar facet fixation.

Nexxt Spine new product development director Dr Robert L Wertz noted trends within the spine market call for less invasive procedures that are simple, reliable and reproducible.

"Facet Fixx is the latest addition to our Exxpress MIS Technology portfolio and is designed to address this growing market demand, while maintaining a focus on streamlined procedural efficiency and positive clinical outcomes," Dr Wertz added.