The SpectraShield respirator mask is equivalent to a N95 (NIOSH rating), or a FFP3 (EU criteria) respiratory mask.

The SpectraShield mask begins to kill certain strains of bacteria immediately on contact, and is available in both adult and children’s sizes.

The mask is designed to give the general public, health officials, first responders, and care givers the best available protection against infectious diseases.

Nexera president and CEO Paul Sallarulo said Nexera developed this technology in response to existing health threats and the possibility of new strains of harmful microorganisms.

In developing the SpectraShield mask, Nexera entered into a collaborative research and development relationship with Foss Manufacturing in Hampton, NH (Foss), the owner of the patented Fosshield technology in return for exclusive rights to use Fosshield in all textile-based healthcare products.