In addition, NewCardio has signed a services work order, including standard operating procedures (SOP) and validation kits, as well as professional services, in order to accelerate its readiness for delivering ECG core lab services to its sponsor customers.

NewCardio’s 3D ECG platform technology improves the accuracy and increases the diagnostic value of the standard 12-lead ECG. NewCardio’s product is QTinno, a software suite that provides an automated, comprehensive analysis of QT intervals and other ECG-based cardiac safety for the pharmaceutical industry and drug regulators.

NewCardio believes that its QTinno, software-based, analytical technology is the industry’s solution for the reliable automated analysis of ECGs used to determine cardiac toxicity during drug development.

Vincent Renz, president and chief operating officer of NewCardio, said: “This announcement is further evidence of the growing adoption of QTinno, by innovative clinical trial service providers, looking to deliver quality cardiac safety analysis with higher accuracy and lower intrinsic variability in a timely and cost-effective manner.

“One of our target customers is clinical trial service providers, looking to deploy our proven technology to expand services and grow market opportunities. For this CRO, adding to its available scope of services, by utilizing QTinno, accomplished these two important goals.”