“Cook is committed to being the technological leader in advanced devices for the treatment of aortic disease from the arch to the iliacs,” explained Phil Nowell, global business unit leader for Cook Medical’s aortic intervention division. “Many physicians are familiar with the relatively common problem of thoracic endografts forming a ‘bird’s beak’ gap along its underside when the graft is deployed into a tight aortic arch. With FDA approval of the Zenith TX2 TAA Endovascular Graft with Pro-Form, Cook is bringing an even more advanced version of its thoracic device to the US market that addresses the need for highly controlled deployment, one of the most significant issues facing physicians performing TEVAR.”

To access the patient’s femoral artery, the Zenith TX2 device is inserted through a small incision in the groin. Under fluoroscopy, the device is guided into position through the patient’s arteries. The fabric-covered self-expanding stent-graft is then placed in the weakened section of the thoracic aorta so as to relieve pressure on the aneurysm to reduce the risk of rupture.