Traditionally, people with diabetes have had to carry a separate monitoring diary to write down a record of their blood glucose test results. New QuickLink™ technology enables contactless download directly from the meter memory into a free smartphone app, GlucoLog Lite.

The patient’s logbook can be sent directly to their healthcare professional’s smartphone/tablet or PC for immediate on-the-spot advice, wherever and whenever necessary, just as easy and ‘everyday’ as sending a text message.

Emergency situations when immediate advice is needed can include hypoglygcaemia, when blood glucose falls too low and there is a risk of injury or coma; or when high blood glucose could lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially life threatening complication if left untreated.

Extra advice can also be important between clinic appointments, when people are unwell and at greater risk of DKA, at times when medication is being changed, or when controlling blood glucose is generally proving difficult. This is now possible in an efficient way without needing a hospital or GP visit, even if overseas when it can be harder to control diabetes due to changes of time zone, diet, climate, or illness.

The reliable and easy to interpret logbook, direct from the meter memory will enable the healthcare professional to give vital advice to people with diabetes, wherever and whenever the need arises.

In a survey carried out by GlucoMen, 83% of respondents said that they would prefer to download their meter memory to a smartphone app rather than keep a written logbook, (14% responded ‘don’t know’). 94% felt that the ability to email their logbook to their healthcare professional would be important to them.

People use their smartphones for everything these days and combined with GlucoMen Areo and QuickLink they now provide an invaluable, convenient tool to support day to day diabetes management and vital emergency care at the most important times.