US-based medical device company NeuroMetrix is set to introduce its new wearable pain relief device, Quell, designed primarily to target those consumers looking for non-pharmacological pain control options.


Featuring firm’s non-invasive neurostimulation technology, the device will provide relief from chronic pain, specifically neuropathic pain that result due to diabetes and lower back problems.

According to the company, the device has been approved by the FDA to treat chronic pain without a prescription.

Quel is said to provide an option to connect with smartphone to automatically track and personalize pain therapy, and can be worn during the day while active, and at night while sleeping.

NeuroMetrix president and CEO Shai Gozani said: "We are excited to be on the cusp of entering the $4bn US over-the-counter pain relief market.

"We believe that as advanced wearable therapeutic technology, Quell represents a new pain relief category that will be attractive to consumers looking for non-pharmacological pain control options."

NeuroMetrix will showcase the device at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2015.

The company intends to make the device commercially available for the customers in the second quarter of 2015.

NeuroMetrix develops wearable medical technology and point-of-care tests for patients with chronic pain, nerve diseases, and sleep disorders.

Image: Wearable pain relief device, Quell. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.