"The breakthrough technology in Quell is ideal for conditions like diabetic foot pain and other conditions that podiatrists encounter day in and day out," says Frank McGillin, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Quell.

"Many patients visiting podiatry offices suffer from chronic pain and are not getting the relief they need. We see an opportunity to make a real difference. The APMA annual meeting is a great venue to share Quell technology and our latest clinical data with the medical community."

Quell is available on the Company’s product website at QuellRelief.com and in select physicians’ offices. It is an easy to use, over-the-counter chronic pain relief device.

This first of its kind wearable device utilizes NeuroMetrix’s patented, wearable intensive nerve stimulation technology (WINS) to provide 100% drug free chronic pain relief. It is designed for people with painful diabetic neuropathy, sciatica, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, among other conditions.

Worn just below the knee, Quell customizes and adjusts automatically for every user, determining the ideal therapeutic intensity of electrical nerve stimulation to provide optimal pain relief.

Quell triggers a central inhibition effect that "turns down the volume" of pain signals by stimulating the sensory nerves, which causes the brain to release endogenous opioids that ultimately reduce pain signal transmission. Quell provides widespread pain relief and is more than twice as strong as ordinary TENS devices, which typically provide only localized pain relief.

NeuroMetrix is a publicly traded (NASDAQ:NURO) innovative health-care company that develops wearable medical technology and point-of-care tests that help patients and physicians better manage chronic pain, nerve diseases, and sleep disorders.