Neoss Group, a pioneer in dental implant solutions, is delighted to announce our partnership with Osstell AB, a global organization from Gothenburg, Sweden. This dynamic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the dental industry, uniting the strengths of the two organizations to develop innovative products that will improve patient care worldwide.

Osstell AB is renowned for its unwavering commitment to empowering dentists and dental surgeons globally, aiming to enhance the safety, efficacy, and success rates of implant treatments. With this collaboration Neoss Group and Osstell AB solidify their positions as key players in the dental industry.

Dr.¬†Robert Gottlander, CEO and President of Neoss Group, expressed, “Teaming up with Osstell, the world leader in Resonance Frequency Analysis, allows us to fuse our cutting-edge dental implant solutions with their extensive knowledge in the field of dental implant stability and osseointegration.”

Malin Gustavsson, CEO of Osstell AB, stated, “Collaborating with Neoss Group opens up new possibilities for advancing implant treatments and empowering dental professionals globally. We are excited about the potential it holds, and the positive outcomes this collaboration will bring to clinicians and patients worldwide.”

Neoss Group and Osstell AB are excited about the transformative impact this partnership will have on the dental implant market, benefiting both clinicians and patients. Together, Neoss Group and Osstell AB will strive to deliver exceptional implant solutions and advance oral health.

Source: Company Press Release