For over 20 years, Neoss has developed smart solutions that allow dental professionals to provide reliable and cost-effective treatments to their patients with predictable long-term results.

Now Neoss has created a Digital Workflow that all dental clinicians can implement. It consists of just 6 easy steps that will help them save time, money and at the same time increase predictability that deliver the best functional and esthetic outcomes for their patients.

In this new workflow, you will not only find the fast and precise impression machine NeoScan 1000, you also have the Neoss exclusive integrated esthetic healing and scan abutment, Neoss Esthetic Healing Abutment with ScanPeg. This simple cost-effective solution will not only save you time and money, it is also patient friendly maintaining the biological seal giving you excellent esthetics.

“Building off the successful launch of NeoScan 1000, an intraoral scanner that changed the industry giving more dental professionals the possibility to afford to do digital impressions, we now have a simplified digital workflow that will help them save even more money and time,” Dr. Robert Gottlander, CEO and President of Neoss Group said.

In addition, Neoss is launching a new type of PTFE membrane exclusive to Neoss that is taking PTFE membrane innovation to another level, the NeoGen Cape PTFE membrane. It is a new addition to the successful NeoGen PTFE family which is proven to support the regrowth of lost bone. This solution for predictable vertical bone growth helps with buccal bone deficiencies in the esthetic zone and gives fewer treatment steps thanks to direct fixation to the implant.

“The NeoGen PTFE Cape Membrane takes the GBR for the reconstruction of bone defects in the esthetic area to a new level. The innovative membrane fixation method on the implant leads to a predictably undisturbed healing process and significantly reduces the complication rate. The excellent esthetic results support this impressively,” Dr. Christian Schober, Specialist in maxillofacial surgery Vienna, Austria said.

All Neoss products are available in the Neoss Online Store and by contacting your local sales professional or customer service.

Source: Company Press Release