Progel AB is a hydrogel adhesion barrier sealant which is sprayed onto the organs during laparascopic abdominal or pelvic surgical procedures so as to prevent post-operative adhesions.

Neomend president and CEO David Renzi said Progel AB sealant adheres well to varying organs and tissues, and it has a great amount of elasticity that allows it to maintain this high level of adherence after application.

The company said Progel AB sealant can be used during cardiovascular, dural and colorectal applications.

The company products also include Progel Pleural Air Sealant designed for sealing lung air leaks and Progel Platinum Surgical Sealant is a hydrogel polymer consisting of two components including a biocompatible synthetic protein of recombinant albumin (Albucult) and a cross-linking component of polyethylene glycol (PEG).