US-based clinical diagnostics company SomaLogic has selected NEC to distribute its SOMAscan assay in Japan.

Som amer

Under the agreement, NEC will supply SOMAscan assay to biopharmaceutical companies, food companies and academic research centers for their research.

According to SomaLogic, the proteomic assay holds the ability to identify and quantify 1,129 proteins across a wide range of concentrations in small volumes of multiple biological sample types.

The assay can be used for protein biomarker discovery, diagnostics development, and pharmaceutical discovery and development.

The latest deal expands on a 2010 agreement between both the companies. Under this agreement, NEC developed the SomaSuite software tool, which allows the interpretation of large data sets produced by the SOMAscan assay.

As part of the new agreement, the SomaSuite software will also be offered to Japanese SOMAscan assay clients.

Image: A SOMAmer reagent binding its protein partner (protein in gray). Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.