The agreement represents the introduction of positron emission mammography (PEM), the scanner’s breast application, as a new tool available to Chinese women in their fight against breast cancer.

Naviscan said its PEM scanner and PEM-guided biopsy system use PET technology to produce tomographic images that allow physicians to visualize and biopsy breast tumors as small as 1.3 mm, the width of a grain of rice.

According to a recent study, PEM has been found to be precise at identifying benign and cancerous lesions, in what scientists call ‘specificity,’ therefore reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies.

Chindex Medical is a joint venture between Fosun Pharma and Chindex International, with manufacturing and distribution businesses serving both domestic China and export markets.

Chindex Medical distributes the Intuitive Surgical daVinci Surgical Systems, and Siemens high-end ultrasound and Hologic mammography products.