NantHealth has entered into an exclusive reseller agreement with Oncotest-Teva for GPS Cancer molecular test in Israel.

GPS Cancer is a molecular test that helps guide treatment strategies including choice of standard chemotherapy for oncologists.

This landmark agreement—which expands the GPS Cancer footprint globally—adds a key international distributor to the growing set of health plans, health systems, and Fortune 50 companies that have committed to covering or using GPS Cancer since its commercial availability in June 2016.

"This is a ground-breaking partnership with Oncotest-Teva, and it builds on the growing momentum we’ve had with payers, providers, and self-insured employers in the United States by bringing GPS Cancer globally,” said Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, CEO of NantHealth.

“Cancer is a devastating disease, not only in the United States, but across the globe. This opportunity to partner with Oncotest-Teva for GPS Cancer truly puts into perspective the depth of our mission—to fight cancer worldwide and to evolve from the era of genomics into the 21st century of quantitative proteomics.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Oncotest-Teva will have exclusive rights to distribute GPS Cancer to physicians in Israel. GPS Cancer, which integrates quantitative proteomics with whole genome (DNA) and transcriptome (RNA) sequencing, is the only integrated comprehensive molecular test of its type conducted in CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratories.

It provides oncologists with a comprehensive molecular profile of a patient’s cancer to inform personalized treatment strategies. As a cornerstone of the Cancer MoonShot 2020 program, GPS Cancer provides key insights based on the unique biology of a patient’s tumor—from the DNA to the RNA to the protein. 

This rich information helps doctors build more effective treatment plans based on FDA-approved drugs and active clinical trials, while enabling cancer researchers to design new clinical trials that harness the potential of the immune system.

"Oncotest-Teva is continuously striving to bring oncologists in Israel the highest quality solutions to understand diseases that will help them provide patients with better treatments and outcomes," said Dr. Lior Soussan-Gutman, managing director at Oncotest-Teva. "GPS Cancer raises the bar when it comes to advanced care options.

“This partnership is not only fantastic for our team to be able to bring GPS Cancer tests to local oncologists, but it’s truly an opportunity to offer patients a new standard of care—one that is personalized and has been favorable amongst other cancer care providers as seen with the Cancer MonnShot 2020 program.”

Unlike other tests on the market, GPS Cancer sequences the whole genome of 20,000+ genes and 3 billion base pairs and matches against the patient’s normal DNA, providing oncologists with an expansive view of alterations to inform personalized treatment strategies.

GPS Cancer extends from genomics to proteomics not only through analysis of RNA, but also utilizes quantitative proteomics through mass spectrometry to measure the amounts of clinically relevant proteins that are the targets of or essential for various therapeutics.

This clinically relevant information helps oncologists to better understand how patients may potentially respond to chemotherapies, targeted therapies and immunotherapies.