The nCounter miRNA expression assay kits enable researchers to perform multiplexed, direct digital detection and counting of miRNAs at single-base resolution, without the need for PCR amplification. NanoString’s Human miRNA expression assay kit enables researchers to profile more than 700 human and human-viral miRNAs comparable to qPCR at a fraction of the cost.

NanoString Technologies claimed that nCounter Analysis System is a fully automated target profiling system that is easy to use. The assay kits contain all of the reagents and consumables required to conduct miRNA and gene expression experiments.

Croce, a miRNA researcher, said: “NanoString has developed a true breakthrough in miRNA research technology. Researchers now have a new tool to study miRNAs in cancer and other disease states, as well to develop potential diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to mitigate the effects of abnormal miRNA expression.”

Wayne Burns, acting CEO of NanoString Technologies, said: “We are excited to be the first to deliver scientists an eagerly awaited solution that bridges the gap between the multiplexing available with microarrays, and the required performance of qPCR with less complexity and lower cost.

“Combined with the gold-standard levels of sensitivity, specificity, precision, and linearity of the nCounter Analysis System, the new miRNA assay kits offers scientists a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective way to study these clinically important molecules.”