The companies hope testing can be completed within 45 days. Following successful testing, the companies will begin accepting inquiries from customers as early as October 2009 for non-US markets.

Nano Mask expects to manufacture its mask in the United States and is currently working with a large mask manufacturer to implement this plan. The company will also seek regulatory approval to make the product available in the United States as soon as possible.

Intrinsiq Materials is incorporating its antimicrobial particle technology into the NanoMask and will conduct studies to determine effectiveness against pathogens such as H1NI (swine influenza), H5N1 (avian influenza) and two bacteria.

We are delighted to be working with Nano Mask to develop this important product, stated Joe Raguso, CEO and President of Intrinsiq Materials, Ltd. Our technology has demonstrated industry-leading efficacy against a broad range of viral and bacterial pathogens, and developing more effective face masks will be an important tool to help control the current H1N1 pandemic.

We are pleased with the progress that Intrinsiq has achieved in the testing and development of our new disposable, anti-microbial NanoMask, said Doug Heath, President and CEO, Nano Mask. We hope that Intrinisiq’s comprehensive design and testing approach will result in a product that will have superior performance characteristics that will enable us to penetrate what we believe is a large potential market.