Costello replaces Steve Cummings, who is now the company’s new chief scientific officer and will remain as chairman of the board of directors.

Previously, Costello served as Mytrus’ chief operating officer, co-founded Nextrials in 2009 and served as its vice president of product development as well as worked as manager of oncology clinical data management at Genentech.

Mytrus chief scientific officer Steve Cummings said the company is experiencing significant growth through the addition of new sponsors, partners and a greater number of ongoing clinical studies.

"Going forward, I will be concentrating on the more scientific aspects of our business and ensuring that Mytrus achieves its mission: to enable people to safely participate in clinical trials from the convenience of their homes or in the field," Cummings added.

"Anthony will be responsible for the business aspects related to Mytrus as we broaden our customer base and product line for conducting direct-to-patient data clinical studies."