Myomo’s Orthotics and Prosthetics (O&P) partners in Germany, Denmark, U.K., Italy, Chile and Australia have conducted or have planned screening days to demonstrate the MyoPro and evaluate individuals with arm paralysis for the devices. These firms, including nine independent O&Ps in Germany, Neuro-Muscular Orthotics (NMO) across Australia, Bandagist Jan Nielsen in the Nordic region, Hobbs Rehabilitation and Dorset Orthopaedic Company in the U.K, Tecnoplanta Orthopedic Laboratory in Chile and Progettiamo Autonomia Robotics in Italy, have multiple locations across their countries and are using social media and digital marketing as well as referrals from physicians and therapists to educate potential patients about the benefits of the MyoPro powered braces. Their activities have already resulted in an international pipeline of over 20 MyoPro devices and successful reimbursement efforts in several countries.

“In the U.S., we’ve found that the best way to inform chronic stroke survivors and others with upper limb paralysis that there is now a device that may restore function for them is to get the word out via platforms such as Facebook and Google. This can lead to an assessment and evaluation to determine if they are medically qualified for a MyoPro,” said Jonathan Naft, Vice President and General Manager-International of Myomo. “We are pleased to see that our international partners are tailoring this approach to their home markets and their plans for over 50 screening days in the next six months.”

Source: Company Press Release