myMediConnect, the personal health record (PHR) portal available from MediConnect Global, has launched the enhanced Wellness Tracker, which enables users to easily create and track custom fitness and diet plans, as well as take advantage of a large library of meal plans created by professional dieticians.

The enhanced Wellness Tracker is the latest addition to myMediConnect, one of four PHR systems chosen for the Medicare PHR Choice pilot program and the simple, online resource can help anyone with a desire improve their health.

It includes a meal planner where users can create daily meal plans that can be tailored to fit specific caloric goals or restrictions, nutrition preferences (low-carb, vegan, etc.) as well as the type of cuisine they prefer (American, Asian, Mexican, etc.).

MediConnect Global CEO Amy Rees Anderson said that it is like having an online personal trainer and dietitian all in one of the wellness tracker gives consumers the ability to take even more control of their own healthcare by empowering them with the tools to take a more proactive approach to their wellness in a completely secure and private setting.

"The Wellness Tracker not only tells you what you should eat on a daily basis, but it also automatically generates a grocery list for the day, week, month or any period of time. You can even access it on your iPhone or iPad to refer to it on the go," Anderson said.

The Wellness Tracker program has been created by a team of experts in the health industry. Professionals in nutrition, fitness and behavioral sciences personally combed over each diet plan and fitness routine to provide ideal health solutions for any individual.

Along with the diet plan, users can create a personal workout routine tailored to their needs whether it’s cardio, strength training, or even water aerobics and the online tool shows how to do each exercise with easy-to-understand animations.

Wellness Tracker also includes a quit smoking and weight gain/loss calculator and provides health education from sources like the Harvard Health Newsletter.