MTBC has introduced a new featured patient health record portal, MTBC PHR, as part of its 5% billing and practice management solution.

Through MTBC PHR, personal online portal, patients can record, track and even store their important health information in one secure online location.

MTBC PHR allows patients to view and manage their personal health information like personal assessments, medications, allergies, immunizations and procedures, from any Internet-ready computer.

MTBC PHR also features an online scheduling tool that allows patients to schedule their appointments directly through the practice’s website.

In addition, patients can communicate directly with the doctor through the patient-doctor communication module, and even have the ability to pay their outstanding balances.

MTBC offers its PHR portal completely free of charge to all of its 5% billing and practice management clients and also provides complimentary 24/7 technical support for all users of MTBC PHR, or any of the other services included for no additional charge in its 5% plan.