The first KineSpring system was implanted in 2008 in a patient with knee osteoarthritis.

KineSpring system is a medical spring that works by unloading the weight on the diseased knee joint without changes to the anatomy.

The system is implanted in the subcutaneous tissue alongside the joint to cushion the knee from excessive loading.

The CE marked device is completely joint-sparing for maintaining future treatment options.

Moximed president and CEO Kevin Sidow noted the continued and growing acceptance of the KineSpring system, as evidenced by the achievement of this significant milestone, is very encouraging.

"It is clear that both surgeons and patients worldwide value the clinical and economic benefits shown by the KineSpring System. Above all, we are most proud to have played a part in the return of a significant number of patients to an active, high-quality lifestyle," Sidow added.

It is an investigational device in the US and only available in the US as part of the US Food and Drug Administration approved SOAR clinical study.