The MediSpec system features an electrical interface which is ideal for applications requiring multiple insertions and its contact design keeps forces low for ease of use.

The MPC system comes in three diameters including small (up to 12 contacts); medium (up to 27 contacts) and large (up to 50 contacts).

It also comes in three keying positions including medical-grade plastic housing which provides a lightweight option that can withstand the required sterilization processes and color-coded bezels allow for simple mating in multi-port applications, preventing mismatching.

The MPC system also features a modular insert design, making it ideal for next-generation medical applications that utilize fiber optics, radio frequency, power, fluidic and air couplings.

Molex strategic medical market manager Anthony Kalaijakis said the MPC system provides them with a competitively priced option that does not sacrifice the electrical performance needed in a full range of medical equipment applications including portable and digital devices such as catheters, defibrillators and monitors.